How's That Law Made

What Makes a Law

Geared towards elementary school students, How's That Law Made provides a simplified overview of how a law is made in the U.S.

How's That Law Made takes kids through a journey from drafting their first bill, to needing to modify it, to approval from the President himself!

Simple, Yet Detailed

How's That Law Made begins by getting the name of the author, the bill's U.S. state, and the bill's title. After that, the game will guide you through the process of having your bill ratified, modified, approved, or denied.

Events throughout the law making process will occur at random, meaning each session can be different than the past.

Your Bill, Ratified

How's That Law Made has two final outcomes: Approval, or Rejection. This simulates what happens every day in Congress.

During gameplay, your bill may be required to be changed, prompting you to either make the changes, or end your bill's process in Congress. The choice is yours


Your privacy is taken extremely seriously. How's That Law Made does not collect any information for longer than a single session. Data is not transmitted off the device, or stored in any capacity after the session ends

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